Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Day 5 Inveranan to Abington.

It started of dry this morning, but we didn't get far before the heavens opened. We were set up for the day with a lovely breakfast at the campsite, where Adies got his first experiance of the relentless Scottish Midge. My knee was still sore from them yesterdays riding, but we ploughed on towards the Erskine Bridge. Kristina had said it was flat all the way to Glasgow, ( maybe in her car). We made it to Paisley for brealfast, where we locked our bikes to the Court railings just to make sure they were still there when we got back. We had a great meal in a local cafe, where the owner brought is over some Tablet to up our energy levels. The roads through Glasgow were rough, and it wasn't long before I got my first puncture. It's a bit of an ordeal changing a tyre on a bike laden with luggage. We carried on and I got another puncture on East Kilbride. We got it changed but couldn't get enough pressure in th tyre. Later Adies had his first puncture, his tyre went with a bang on a hill. The side of his tyre had blown out. We fitted a tyre boot and carried on, about 10 miles later he had another blow out. The tyre was comming away at the side walls. We arrived late at the camp site and got the tents up as quick as possible. We wanted to get ou r washing done , but we also needed to get down to town to eat before everywhere shut. The laundry room shut at 8 so we asked if they could leave it open. We took our luggage off the bikes and cycles into town, what a weird feeling riding the bikes without all the weight, we nearly fell off. Beck at the campsite we got the laundry done and charged the sat nag, thinking we would get a lovely peacfull sleep in such an idyllic place .

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