Saturday, 27 August 2011

Day 2 Thurso to Lairg

Today was quiet a. challange, we headed West into a strong head wind towards Betty Hill, this was after riding around Thurso for half an hour with the sat nag throwing a wobbly. The wind was so strong at times it nearly ground us to a halt. The rain for the most part stayed off, we had some short showers, but nothing much. We also rode up some long hills today, which made me use my bottom gear lot. Ad

ie was kind enough to wait for me though. The scenery was amazing and it wasn't long before we could see the mountains. We had lunch at a little cafe in Betty Hill, before turning left and heading South, this put the wind slightly behind us and upped the speed. We cycled along Loch Naver, which was stunning and gave us some great photo oppertunities. We saw some Dormouse type things in the middle of the road and lots of buzzards, no sign of a Golden Eagle yet though. We reached Lairg about 4, so not to bad on time although our avarage speed has slowed a lot. The forcast is bad for tomorrow......Doh!!


74 miles
5 hours 51 minutes riding
Average speed 12.6mph
Max speed 34.08
4663 calories burnt
3359 feet climbed.
Total miles 102
Camping at Dunroamin Campsite

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