Monday, 29 August 2011

Day 4 Fort Augustus to Inveranan

The night in the hostel set us up well for today. Everything is dry and packed back in the panniers properly. After some toast and coffe3 we set off. It was cold, but dry. We headed down towards Fort William along the Lochs. We stopped to take lots of photos today. What an amazing way to see this beautiful contry. The mountains were amazing, the hill climbs were long, but not steep, more relentless. H

owever the down hills made up for those long grueling climbs. We made it to Inveranan by 6, Kristina joined us for dinner which was really nice. Down through Glasgow tomorrow, we"re not looking forward to the heavier traffic.
92 miles
6 hours 29min
14.2 mph average
35.29 mph max
6343 calories burnt
3367 feet climbed.

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