Friday, 26 August 2011

Day 1 Wick - John O'Groats - Thurso

We flew out of Bristol to Edinburgh at 6:20, ready to meet the 11:00 flight to Wick. The Wick flight was on a Saab 340 twin prop plane which was fantastic. Leaving Edinburgh it was slightly wet, but the sun was shining on us in Wick. We picked our bikes up from The Spot Cycles and they were nearly ready to ride. A few adjustments to the pannier and I was ready to go. Adie had a problem with the pressu

re in his tyres to, but this was quickly solved with a visit to a local tyre garage. We cycled the 16 mile or so to John O'Groats quite quickly and had our picture taken next to the sign. We then headed towards Thurso.the wind was at our back all the way which helped a lot. At about 25 mile. I decided to change my hand position too quickly and with the weight of the panniers, lost control of the bike and wound up lying in a ditch. Tonight we are camping in Thurso campsite right on the cliff in the middle of town. The views are amazing. Fingers are crossed for good weather for tomorrows ride to Lairg.

Stats for today.

37.48 miles
2h 26 minutes
15.4 mph avarage speed
30.27 mph max speed
1249 feet climbed
2466 calories
£10 for camping.

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