Thursday, 1 September 2011

Day 6 Abington to Pooley Bridge.

We did wonder why such a lovely quiet campsite was so unoccupied. All became clear in the night as every hour or so a train went past which sounded as if it was coming through the tent.

We got away fairly early and number 1 priority was to find a bike shop so I could put a new back tyre on, it was in poor shape, with the outer layer separating from the inner. We were still stuck on the same road r

unning parallel with the M74. The surface was better than yesterday, but not much better. It soon became apparent that the nearest shop was in Carlise, 65 miles away, so it was a question of trying to avoid all the potholes and a large stone, the biggest worry was the tyre failing catastrophically in the middle of nowhere. With 15 miles to go I really didn’t think the tyre was going to last, it was getting more out of shape and bulging. But it did make it and changed the tyre at the Specialised shop in the centre of Carlise.

It was great to get back out of the city and into the countryside. George’s knee seemed to be giving him a little less pain than it been giving him all day or was it just the painkiller kicking in.

We rolled into Waterside campsite at 6pm and pitched up close to Ulswater Lake. A 15 minute walk along the shore into Pooley Bridge for some grub and a pint and we were all sorted.


86.17 Miles
7.27 Hours riding time
11.5 MPH Average speed
35.68 MPH Max speed
5555 Calories Burnt
1153 feet Climbed

Camping at Waterside campsite £10 each, great site and great facilities.

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