Tuesday, 19 April 2011

New bike and the New Forest Sportive

My new bike arrived and it was well worth the wait. Its a Secteur Elite, I chose this because I could use it for my club rides and it also takes a rack, ideal for the End to End. I had the week off following the Cornwall Tor, so I signed up for the New Forest sportive, 85 miles in beautiful countryside and very fast smooth roads. Again it was a fantastic day and Wiggle was very organised. Registration was not quite as good as the Cornwall sportive, but it wasn't long before we were on the road. I was going really well and thought that I was in for a good time. I met up with a young lad from Wales and we spent the ride taking turns up front, to give each other a rest. I kept telling him I would need to drop off the pace, as I didn't think I could keep going at that speed. However I did, and managed to complete 85 miles in 5hrs and 9 minutes, so if I can just avoid hills on the End to End, I should be ok. :-)

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