Monday, 11 April 2011

The Cornwall Tor Sportive

Well the day has come to do our first sportive, we did a short ride yesterday and it was a lovely hot day. Adie is just back from Spain so this weather is suiting him, but it's a bit hot for me. The sportive was very well organised and Kilo to Go had sent out all the registration equipment and timer tags the previous week, so it was just a matter of turn up and go. I was amazed at how many people were there and such a friendly atmosphere. It was quite cool in the morning so I had worn some sleeves which I could remove if it got hot later, a great buy if you're trying not to carry too much gear. It wasn't far before we hit the first hill and Adie's hill training came into play again, before long he was disappearing into the distance. My plan had been to conserve energy at the start to make sure that I had enough to finish the course. We had one main objective in this ride and that was to finish in front of an old colleague. This was the toughest ride I have ever done, it was just hill after hill, running along the North Cornwall Coast, but I was determined to climb every one of them, including Millook, a 30% hill. I finished in 6hrs 12 minutes, roll on the new bike, which should be waiting for me when I get home. Adie finished 45 minutes in front of me, I really must start to do these tempo rides and hill repeats!!

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