Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Cornwall Tor

At last the day was here. Although I felt my training was going pretty well, this was going to be the first opportunity to ride with and measure myself against other riders. I knew the course was going to be tough but felt confident that I could at least cover the distace as I'd already done several 70's, a couple of 80's and a 100 miler. I had fully completed the training program so felt as prepared as I could be.
Again we were dead lucky with the weather, a lovely sunny morning with light wind. George and I set off together but we were amongst a lot of other riders in the early stages. The field was fairly bunched as we hit the first climb and we were quickly separated. Never mind I thought, he'll catch me when we get on the flat.
Well someone with a very sick sense of humour set this course, with climb after climb through the villages of the north Cornwall coast and all the time waiting for the infamous Millook hill. The only flatter sections are in the last third where I fortunately teamed up with a Truro rider and we worked together to keep up a good pace. He dropped me though on the final steep climb with a few miles to go.
I finished thinking I was ahead of George but was not sure - had he gone past me at one of the feeding stations? But no, he came in a bit behind me. We were both on a real high from having made it round such an insane course! It was a great experience and look forward to doing more of these sportives in the future.

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