Saturday, 30 April 2011

We're moving the End to End forward !

Training has been going really well and May seems too far away, so we have decided to move our dates for the End to End. After a lot of discussion we have agreed to start on the 26th of August 2011. I rang the bike shop at Wick and they were very helpful, we can send our bikes up by courier and they will set them up ready for us. We have looked at lots of different ways to get to the start, trains, hire cars etc, but we have decided that flying up to Wick is the easiest option, we will fly from Bristol to Edinburgh and then on to Wick. All we have to do then is cycle home. When we first talked about this we thought that we would need 14 days to complete the ride. However having mapped the ride out and looked at where we will camp, it looks like it will be more like 11-12 days (the last day is from Okehampton to Lands Ends, at 102 miles, so we may split this into two days due to the hills, we'll see how we feel when we get there). We have all our equipment now and we are planning to do a camping trip in May to try everything out. Being a bit of a geek I have a spreadsheet detailing the campsites, their tariffs, the daily estimated mileage. I have also mapped the route out on bike route toaster (what a great tool) these can the be uploaded to the sat nav, I just need to work out how to keep it charged up now.

Start FinishMiles Campsite 
WickThurso37.03Thurso Bay Campsite
Thurso Lairg75.56Dunroamin Camping Park 
LairgFort Augustus81.17Cumbernalds Campsite
Fort AugustusInveraman90.88Beinglas Farm
InveramanAbington85.64Mount View Campsite
AbingtonPooley Bridge82.42Waterside Campsite
Pooley BridgeCroston75.83Royal Umpire
Croston Presthorpe89.76Mill Farm Caravan Park
PresthorpeClevedon105.23Bullock Farm Campsite
ClevedonOkehampton87.93Betty Cottles Inn
OkehamptonLands End101.89Home

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