Friday, 2 September 2011

Day 7 Pooley Bridge to Corston

Another early start and a the last of Jackie’s cake got us going in the morning out of Ulswater, it was a beautiful morning and we found that we were climbing right from the start, which didn’t go down too well with my knee. Adie was climbing well and we found ourselves winding our way through a country estate towards the A6 and Shap. Shap was one of the longest climbs of the trip, however it wasn’t t

oo steep. We reached Shap village, where a welcoming sign at the Bull pub invited us in for breakfast, just the thing to get the calories in before we climbed the next 5 miles to the top of the hill. The North side of Shap was a little grey and hazy, but once we had reached the top it had started to brighten up. We stopped to take a picture of the bikes against the sign at the top and later found that these were some of the last picture we would take until the end of our trip.

We had this idea for most of the trip that the run down from Shap would see some of our fastest speeds so far on the trip. Unfortunately we started well and were flying down the hill very quickly and then we saw the road works half way down, DOH!! The brakes came on and we had to slow, maybe next time we can set a new speed record. The South side of Shap was very pretty and much greener. We wound our way towards Kendal, where we stopped for a coffee. Kendal was a very nice town and I will look forward to visiting it for longer in the future. We even found a Holland and Barret which allowed us to stock up on flapjacks for the rest of our trip. These proved to be the ideal food to get us going in the morning and then ride 30 miles ish before stopping for our now daily full English breakfast.

The rest of the day went really well and we soon found ourselves at our destination, the very nice Royal Umpire Campsite, not only was this one of the nicest sites we used, they didn't charge us for our stay. The pub wasn't far to go to either and we would highly recommend this site, even if you are paying. We met a young lad here that was heading North on his LEJOG and he was camping too, we did invite him to join us for dinner, but he declined, shame it would have been good to share our experiences.

83.44 Miles
7.04 Hours riding
11.79 MPH Average
35.6 MPH Max Speed
5204 Calories Burnt
2578 Feet Climbed

Royal Umpire Corston Free

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