Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Day 11 The Final Leg

Breakfast at the Fountain in Okehampton was the best breakfast of the trip, but it was a bit of a struggle to get it down. The usual routine was to ride 20/30 miles and then stop for breakfast.
We set off in light rain and a 20mph SW wind which once we got on the A30 was right on the nose. We had discussed a few routes for this last leg but with difficult weather conditions we decided that the fastes

t route would be straight down the A30.
The first coffee stop was at the services 4 miles west of Launceston and before we got there we had had several heavy showers. Fortunately we were able to ditch our luggage at this point as some kind neighbours had agreed to meet us there and take it from us. As we left the services I was beginning to doubt that we were going to make it as it was already nearly 11am. As we rode over Bodmin moor the heavens really opened, so hard that it was stinging my face and we were soaked through. A few choice words were shouted at the heavens but we were not going to be stopped. The rain eased and gradually conditions improved from there on. Once we had passed Bodmin and I could see signs for St Austell and Truro I knew we were going to make it. With the luggage now gone we were making much better time. Lunch was at Mcdonalds and our last coffee stop was at a second Mcdonalds 10 miles east of Penzance.
When we got into Penzance and saw the sign for Lands End only 8 miles away we both were really spurred on and were flying along. In no time at all we were there to be met by my wife and a friend Ennis. It was now 630pm. I felt on top of the world, we had made it! Photos were taken at the finnishing post and after a quick change of clothing it was into the First and Last pub for a couple of well deserved beers.

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