Sunday, 5 June 2011

Training on the run up to the Magnificat.

Well its only a week to go before the 127 mile Magnificat. I'm still not sure if I can ride that far, but tweeks training may help. Sunday saw another sunny ride with the Behind the Bikeshed club. We met at Weyhill Church and rode a very fast hilly 60 miles. The pace was very fast and due to having been training with all my luggage for the trip recently, I found the going really hard. Most of the ride I found myself chasing the pack, which meant I was working much harder than I wanted too. However nearer to the end of the ride, when we were climbing up to the top of the causeway, some of the faster riders started to run out of steam. It was all a bit turtle and hare. I still had plenty left in my legs and felt really good when I got home.
I was working locally on Tuesday so decided that I would join the club ride that evening, it tends to be quite a fast 30 -35 mile ride starting at 18:15, we're normally home by 20:30. Not tonight though, again it was really fast and I was struggling to keep up.
We were flying through the Hampshire countryside and because of the pace I wasn't really paying attention to the route. When we dropped down into a little town, I though I would get my bearings, oh my word we were in Hungerford. We kept heading further away towards Swindon, when one of the guys got a bad puncture, which caused his tyres to split. 30 minutes later we were riding again, heading homeward at last. By the time I got home I had completed 50 miles (on a school night Doh!). Thankfully I felt ok the next morning.

That added to 20 miles on Thursday and another 50 on Saturday made up a total of 180 miles this week. Next week I'm working in Cornwall, so I'm taking my bike along, I'm looking forward to getting some training done with Adie.

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