Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Fast and Furious

I've just done my first evening club ride. Evening rides are designed to be faster over a shorter distance (25 to 35 miles). There are usually two groups covering the same route but at a different pace.
For some reason tonights turnout was low, about 12 riders, and apart from myself and one other, they were all from the faster group and included a few 'Shred' riders who are the super elite riders. This was going to hurt!
The route was approx 32 miles up to a reservoir on Dartmoor and back. I was working at my absolute max for virtually the entire ride trying to hang on to the back of the pack, and failing most of the time. They had slowed their usual pace as well! It was great experience though, I would never be able to push myself that hard riding on my own, and thoroughly enjoyed the ride. I am definitely going to try and do more of these evening tempo rides as they are probably the best training there is.
That takes this weeks mileage up to 170 miles because of last weekends trip which is a new record, so if I manage another evening ride this week I might hit 200.

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