Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Well there's no backing out now

Up until now it's just been an idea that we were chatting about down the pub, but today, Adie went and bought himself a bike. It's a shiny new Tricross Sport, so it looks like we are really going to do this. I am hoping to do the ride on my Scott P2 Sportster. We are thinking of doing the End to End over 14 days which seems quite realistic, having read some other blogs on the net. Just to be on the safe side and make sure we are fit enough, we are looking to do the ride in May 2012, but we'll see how the training goes. One of the biggest decisions is whether to camp or to use B&B's, most of the blogs we have read so far are recommending the bed and breakfast option, if only because there's a soft bed and hot bath at the end of a hard days riding and the luggage requirement is lighter. I have joined a local bike club "Behind The Bike Shed" in Andover to help me get fit for the End to End. I am learning a lot about spinning rather than grinding gears, along with the benefits group riding has on the energy required to cover longer distances. Hills are my biggest weakness and I'll need to do lots of work to improve this, it feels like I am in reverse as everyone else goes whizzing past me on the hills. Adie and I have signed up to do the Wiggle Cornwall Tor in April,  this should give us some idea as to our levels of fitness. This will be the first sportive we have ever done, so we have opted to do the 73 mile route, which still covers a lot of hill climbing, including Millook, reputed to be the steepest through road in the country.

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